Text Box: Documenting first-hand accounts of the scientists, engineers, clinicians, and patients involved in artificial organ research, development and use.
Text Box: Pioneer Interview Series
Text Box: PROJECT BIONICS  Artificial Organs from Discovery to Clinical Text Box: Willem Kolff, M.D., PhD—inventor of the artificial kidney; leader in artificial heart research
Michael DeBakey, M.D., PhD — early researcher on the total artificial heart & clinical use of ventricular assist devices
George Schreiner, M.D.—clinical work in dialysis; drug protocol
Clarence Dennis, M.D.—early cardiopulmonary bypass in cardiac surgery
Albert Starr, M.D.—artificial heart valves
Belding H. Scribner, M.D.—clinical work in dialysis; shunt for chronic treatment
Adrian Kantrowitz, M.D., PhD—cardiac assist devices investigator; developed intra-aortic balloon pumps
Ted Kolobow, M.D.—artificial lungs
Tetsuzo Akutsu, M.D., PhD—developer of a total artificial heart
Leo Vroman, M.D.—blood surface interactions
Richard Sarns—cardiopulmonary bypass & industry development
Jospeh Murray, M.D.—organ transplantation (Nobel Laureate)
William Murphy Jr., M.D.—investigator of implantable electric devices
Among many others !
Text Box: Purpose
The Pioneer Interview Series will capture the personal stories — both the trials and triumphs behind the scenes — for the documentary record of artificial organ history.  These interviews will complement the documents, records and published papers. 

Project Bionics is working on the identification of those ASAIO pioneers who have been and/or continue to be key contributors in all areas of artificial organ developments.  

We aim to document the events and personal experiences from historical participants — scientists, engineers, clinicians, patients — in several ways, including:  

   1)	Video interviews in laboratories, hospitals or museums that 	allow us to focus on the devices and environment to better 	understand the process of innovation and realization, as well 	as 	the significance of the contribution; 

   2) 	Audio interviews conducted at medical conferences or within 	professional or personal settings by colleagues to document a 	pioneer’s personal experiences of past events or innovations;

   3)	Written narratives generated through surveys, emails and/or 	letters that allow historical participants to present their first-hand 	account of events as well as comment or respond to the 	personal experiences of others.  

The ASAIO Scholar and Project Bionics Work Group will work towards compiling and editing a database of these first-hand accounts for the purposes of presentation in historical displays and articles.  Copies of interviews conducted will be preserved and made accessible by the sponsoring agencies of Project Bionics.
Text Box: An ASAIO History Project
at The Smithsonian
with the NLM