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Dr. Willem Kolff and Dr. Denton Cooley with the Liotta Total Artificial Heart, first implanted successfully as a bridge-to-transplant in 1969
Dr. George E. Schreiner Dr. William DeVries and Barney Clark, first patient to receive a permanent total artificial heart, 1982  
  • Richard Chan - The development of the mechanical ventilator ... [See more]

  • Robert Barlett - Realistically, the most important event was addition of ESRD to Medicare reimbursement ...[See more]

  • John Watson - Senator Frist's Hasting Lecture (1996) - following the lecture ... [See more]


  • George Pantalos - In June 1999, there was a young woman who had been supported by an LVAD (left ventricular assist device) for 15 months. Her course had been difficult and compounded by blood clots coming from the device. The decision was made to ... [See more]


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