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  • Anonymous (2006-09-05)
    George Mason University brochure with list of artworks at the Fairfax Campus; Includes campus map with locations of buildings and artworks.
  • Smith, Anne; Mack, M.; Martinez, Marcos; Wang, Qinglan; Irvin, Sarah (Fenwick Gallery, George Mason University Libraries, 2015-10)
    CURATOR’S STATEMENT Call & Response 2015: Lineage “The picture on my wall, art object and art process, is a living line of movement, a wave of colour that repercusses in my body, colouring it, colouring the new present, ...
  • Herce, Clarita M. (2009-07-25)
    This thesis describes how I came to create the body of work for Claritas: An MFA Thesis Exhibition, the culmination of my thesis project at George Mason University. I reflect on the journey that brought me to painting; ...
  • Hendrick, Jay (2015-08-13)
    Collude Collide is primarily a painting exhibition and asks axiological questions about and around painting. The objects ask questions about asking questions. The objects, when seen together are attempts at casting doubt ...
  • Loda, Nathan (2015-08-19)
    I started this series with a question, what is my identity? This led me to look at my childhood influences -- playmobil toys, adventure films, and my outdoor experiences – all of which started to inform the subject matter ...
  • Suiter, Greta Kuriger (2014-10-08)
    In much of his work Vik Muniz recreates well known images in sculptural form using unexpected materials such as diamonds, sugar, and garbage. He then photographs the pieces and presents the photograph as his final work. ...
  • Smith, Anne (Fenwick Gallery, George Mason University Libraries, Mar 2015)
    What do artists read? Certainly there are favorite books, audio recordings, and DVDs—ones that influenced an artist’s thinking, or that changed the course of an inquiry altogether. Although their practice is primarily a ...

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