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  • Roca, Rémy; Kato, Seiji; L’Ecuyer, Tristan (World Climate Research Programme, 2021)
    Energy and water budget closure has recently been extensively used to assess the consistency of precipitation products with various other terms of the water and energy budget. Most efforts are focused on water closure and ...
  • Roca, Rémy; Masunaga, Hirohiko; Alexander, Lisa (World Climate Research Programme, 2021)
    The availability of numerous gridded precipitation products and the importance of the question of extreme precipitation have led to a number of new findings. Over land, this intercomparison generally emphasizes that global ...
  • Stephens, Graeme; van Oevelen, Peter; Gupta, Hoshin; Maddock, Thomas III; Zeng, Xubin; Redelsperger, Jean-Luc; Couvreux, Fleur; Bouniol, Dominique; Hourdin, Frederic; Galarneau, Thomas J. Jr.; Su, Zhongbo; Zeng, Yijian; Zhao, Hong; Lv, Shaoning; Wen, Jun; Scipal, Klaus; Roca, Rémy; L’Ecuyer, Tristan; Nazemi, Ali; Dominguez, Francina; Cuxart, Joan; Takayabu, Izuru; Rasmussen, Roy; Nakakita, Eiichi; Prein, Andreas; Kawase, Hiroaki; Watanabe, Shun-Ichi; Adachi, Sachiho A.; Takemi, Tetsuya; Yamaguchi, Kosei; Osakada, Yukari; Wu, Ying-Hsin (2021-02)
  • Roca, Rémy; Haddad, Ziad S.; Akimoto, Fumie F.; Alexander, Lisa; Behrangi, Ali; Huffman, George; Kato, Seiji; Kidd, Chris; Kirstetter, Pierre-Emmanuel; Kubota, Takuji; Kummerow, Chris; L’Ecuyer, Tristan; Levizzani, Vincenzo; Maggioni, Viviana; Massari, Christian; Masunaga, Hirohiko; Schröder, Marc; Tapiador, Francisco J.; Turk, Francis J.; Utsumi, Nobuyuki (World Climate Research Programme, 2021)
    This report reviews the current state of precipitation products, and includes assessments of sub-daily global satellite precipitation products, discussions of various climate applications of precipitation products, and ...

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