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  • Rhoades, Benjamin; Nguyen, Han; Wigode, Evan; Sklarew, Daniel M.; Foster, Gregory D. (2019)
    Microplastics (MPs) are pieces of plastic between 0.33mm and 5mm and represent a near ubiquitous type of pollution and have been found in almost all bodies of water sampled. MPs represent both an ecological and a public ...
  • Nguyen, Han; Rhoades, Benjamin; Wigode, Evan; Hutchinson, Thomas; Foster, Gregory D.; Sklarew, Daniel M. (2019)
    Plastic is everywhere and once in a water body, some break down into pieces less than 5mm known as microplastics (MPs). MPs come from various sources, and it is hard to know where they originate. Previously published studies ...
  • Rhoades, Benjamin; Rush, Elizabeth; Wood, Thomas C.; van der Ham, Joris L. (National Conference on Undergraduate Research 2019, 2019)
    The Piedmont prairie ecosystem includes communities of forbs and grasses. The Piedmont of Northern Virginia is fragmented and regularly disturbed. Landowners in Fauquier County, Virginia have placed former agricultural ...

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