George Mason University Electronic Documentary History: Recent submissions

  • Special Collections & Archives, George Mason University Libraries (2007-10-23)
    Video presented at the Fall 2007 Convocation, October 17, 2007 at George Mason University Fairfax campus. Contains archival stills and video from Special Collections & Archives in University Libraries relating to the period ...
  • Unknown author (2007-09-20)
    Photograph of Vergil H. Dykstra (1925- ), president of George Mason University from 1973 to 1977. Dykstra described his years at Mason as demanding and difficult, but rewarding. The rapid growth of the University continued ...
  • Barbre, Elena (The Mason Gazette, an electronic information resource for the faculty and staff of George Mason University, 2002-10-10)
    Mason Gazette article announcing the awarding of the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences to George Mason Professor Vernon Smith. Article can be viewed at
  • Unknown author (George Mason University, 1997-04-02)
    Invitation and program of events for the inaugural ceremonies of President Alan Merten. George Mason University Archives, Commencements, Receptions, etc.
  • Unknown author (1978)
    Photograph of George W. Johnson (1928- ). President of George Mason University 1979-1997. During Johnson's eighteen years as president George Mason University acquired doctoral status, established a law school, instituted ...
  • Unknown author (The Mason Gazette, 2005-02-28)
    Mason Gazette article and photograph regarding the signing of an agreement to open the new George Mason University campus in the United Arab Emirates. Show in the image are Provost Peter Stearns (far left), Long Nguyen, ...
  • Unknown author (1996-04-12)
    Printed invitation to attend the dedication of the George W. Johnson Center and the unveiling of the George Mason Statue. George Mason University Archives, Commencements, Receptions, etc.
  • Bice, Zula Mae; Beaurline, Lester A.; Brundage, Dean E.; Early, Stephen T.; Kaulback, Frank S.; Kauzlairch, James J.; Krug, Robert C.; Levitan, Max; Lowry, William C.; Mielczarek, Eugenie V.; Thompson, Lorin A.; Vaughan, Joseph L.; Williams, D. Allan; Younger, Edward (George Mason College of the University of Virginia, January 1968, 1968-01)
    1968 educational report on the future of George Mason College including enrollment, staff, programs, facilities and finances. George Mason University Archives, William H. McFarlane Papers, Box 3, Folder 65.
  • Unknown author (2007-09-06)
    Photograph of the first graduating class of George Mason College as a four year institution as they exit the East Building, June 9, 1968. George Mason University Archives, University Relations Photographs, Box 1, Folder 19.
  • Unknown author (2007-09-06)
    Photograph of Governor A. Linwood Holton, Jr., signing H-210, the bill which separated George Mason College from its parent institution, University of Virginia on April 7, 1972. Pictured left to right are: Student Government ...
  • Unknown author (1973-02-21)
    Photograph showing construction of Student Union Building I as seen from the roof of the West Building. George Mason University Archives, Public Relations Photographs, Box 3, Folder 34.
  • Unknown author (George Mason University, 1973-02-21)
    Photograph of George Mason University president Lorin Thompson at the ground breaking for Academic II, later rededicated as Thompson Hall. George Mason University Archives, Public Relations Photographs, Box 3, Folder 35.
  • Unknown author (George Mason University, 1975-10-05)
    Photograph of (from left) Virgil Dykstra, John T. 'Til' Hazel, John C. Wood, and Clarence Robinson at the dedication reception for Robinson Hall. Another unidentified individual looks on in the background. George Mason ...
  • Unknown author (2007-09-06)
    Photograph of Robert C. Krug (1918-2006), who originally came to George Mason College in 1965. Prior to accepting the presidency, after Vergil Dykstra's resignation in April 1977, Dr. Krug held the positions of Dean of the ...
  • Bendheim, Leroy (1958-10-15)
    Western Union telegram from Leroy Bendheim, Mayor of Alexandria, Virginia, to UVa President Darden informing him of the City Council's approval of the 150 acre Farr tract in Fairfax, Va as the site for the Northern Virginia ...
  • Unknown author (The General Assembly of Virginia, 1972-04-07)
    Legislation establishing George Mason University as an independent institution, separate from the University of Virginia, April 1972. George Mason University Libraries, Government Documents.
  • Unknown author (George Mason College, 1968-06-09)
    Program for the first commencement of George Mason College as a four year institution, June 9, 1968. George Mason University Archives, Commencements, Receptions, etc.
  • Evans, Tony (2007-09-06)
    Photograph of Lorin A. Thompson (1902-1999). In 1966, Thompson became the first chancellor of George Mason College. In 1972 he became the first president of the newly independent George Mason University. George Mason ...
  • Finley, John Norville Gibson (1957-08-02)
    Letter from J.N.G. Finley informing UVA President Darden that the Bailey's Crossroads building, which will house the new Northen Virginia Branch College has been occupied. The Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections ...
  • Zehmer, George, B. (1954-01-05)
    Letter from George Zehmer to Colgate Darden reporting on a meeting of Northern Virginia citizens regarding expansion of the Northern Virginia University Center into a two year extension college. The Albert and Shirley Small ...

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