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Browsing Volgenau School of Engineering by Author "Domeniconi, Carlotta"

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  • Gelman, Ben
    The design of deep neural networks is often colloquially described as an `art.' Although there are some common, guiding principles such as using convolutions for data with spatial locality or using recurrence for data ...
  • Saha, Tanwistha (2014)
    Classification of nodes in relational networks is an important task because it involves applications in multiple areas that can impact people's lives on a daily basis. The inability to use traditional classification ...
  • Etter, David (2015)
    Known Item Search (KIS) is a specialized task of the general multimedia search problem. KIS describes the scenario where a user has seen a video before, must formulate a text description based on what he remembers, and ...
  • Wang, Pu (2011-05-25)
    Unsupervised learning is an important topic in machine learning. In particular, clustering is an unsupervised learning problem that arises in a variety of applications for data analysis and mining. Unfortunately, clustering ...

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