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Browsing College of Engineering and Computing by Author "Lien, Jyh-Ming"

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  • Behar, Evan Scott (2016)
    The Minkowski sum is an important operation in a wide variety of applications, including
  • Liu, Guilin (2017)
    A vast amount of 2D images and 3D meshes and points are created every day. Many applications require us to extract more semantic information beyond the original raw discrete representation of pixels, facets and points from ...
  • Xi, Zhonghua (2017)
    Recent advances in robotics engineering and material science accelerate the development of self-folding machines, the robots that can fold themselves from flat materials to functional 3D shapes. However, designing such ...
  • Lu, Yanyan (2013-08)
    Path planning aims at navigating a robot from an initial configuration to a goal configuration without violating various constraints. The problem of path planning is theoretically intractable (PSPACE hard), but in everyday ...
  • Vo, Christopher Alexander (2014)
    Algorithms for the control and monitoring of swarms of moving agents are important in a wide variety of real and virtual applications such as crowd control, livestock herding, and decentralized robot control architecture. ...

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