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  • Wright, Edward J.; Laskey, Kathryn B. (2006-07)
    This paper presents a technical approach for fusing information from diverse sources. Fusion requires appropriate weighting of information based on the quality of the source of the information. A credibility model ...
  • AlGhamdi, Ghazi; Laskey, Kathryn B.; Wang, Xun; Barbará, Daniel; Shackelford, Thomas; Wright, Edward J.; Fitzgerald, Julie (2006-03-06)
    This paper presents an innovative use of human behavior models for detecting insider threats to information systems. While most work in information security concerns detecting and responding to intruders, violations of ...
  • Costa, Paulo C. G.; Laskey, Kathryn B.; Takikawa, Masami; Pool, Michael; Fung, Francis; Wright, Edward J. (CCRP Publications, 2005-06)
    Among the lessons learned from recent conflicts stands the dramatic change in the very way wars are fought. There are no more clear-cut enemies or allies; rules of engagement have become increasingly fuzzy; guerrilla and ...
  • AlGhamdi, Ghazi; Laskey, Kathryn B.; Wright, Edward J.; Barbará, Daniel; Chang, K.C. (2006-03-06)
    This paper tackles a key aspect of the information security problem: modeling the behavior of insider threats. The specific problem addressed by this paper is the identification of malicious insider behavior in trusted ...
  • Fung, Francis; Laskey, Kathryn B.; Pool, Michael; Takikawa, Masami; Wright, Edward J. (2006-02-06)
    Decision support and information fusion in complex domains requires reasoning about inherently uncertain properties of and relationships among varied and often unknown number of entities interacting in differing and often ...

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